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Technology    Is   Life

The Teralife makes use of high technology, specially developed to assist in the restoration and prevention of health during sleep. Its product are manufactured to the highest quality standards, combining health, comfort, beauty and resistance, thus allowing benefits such as:


It is a layer of vulcanized foam in high relief that provides a sensation of muscle relaxation just like a digital massage, aiding the blood circulation. The vulcanization process also prevents fungi and bacteria from lining inside the mattress, facilitating the evaporation of sweat and maintaining the body’s ideal temperature.

Magnetic Tablets

The magnets present in Teralife product are pellets Ferrite Barion, magnetized to create a constant magnetic field of 800 Gauss, providing the benefits of natural magnetism, which activates blood circulation and assists in improving the physical capacity of the human body. The electric impulse of the magnetic tablets of Teralife allow the achievement of the natural body balance, which provides the improvement of the physical capacity, the increase of the immunological resistance, acting as auxiliary in the circulatory problems, combating the stress, the insomnia and the physical and mental fatigue.


Infralife Tablets

Highly concentrated, composed of platinum, titanium and aluminum emanate electromagnetic waves of 4 to 14 microns, identical to the long infrared rays emitted by the sun, which are fundamental for the maintenance of the cells, breaking the clusters of water, facilitating the cellular nutrition and the elimination of toxins.


Infralife Power Tablets

It is produced at a temperature of almost 2000ºC , combining the noble metals in a bio ceramic with emission of long infrared heat waves producing greater bio stimulation, potentializing the results, helping in the hydrogen bridge breaking of the body water macromolecules, eliminating the toxins and releasing the nutrients for cellular absorption, reducing fluid retention.

Anti germ


It is an additive based on nanotechnology that, when added to the manufacturing process of the Infralife tablets , adds to it the characteristic of antibacterial and antifungal action . Composed of active elements, they form a protective field avoiding the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in the region where the pellets are applied. This technology combines the characteristics of Infralife with the antimicrobial and antifungal benefits helping to prevent the development of odors. It is a product successfully tested against various microorganisms.



Vibrational medicine has been studied for years. Today, it is regarded as a technology and a tool to help prevent health problems. Vibrotherapy, when applied as massage through vibration waves, is indicated to help treat illnesses such as spinal pain, joint problems, mental fatigue, stress, blood pressure control, insomnia and lack of sexual motivation, in addition to being very relaxing.


Quantic Energy

QuanticLife is a pulsed, low-frequency electromagnetic field generating system. These field help with various biological processes, such as cell regeneration, serving to reorganize these cells, actively contributing to well-being.



The fabrics lining Teralife mattresses are chemically treated with Ultra Fresh ( anti-fungi , anti-mites ), preserving hygiene and preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria (odor), making it anti-allergic . In this way the treatment works in the prevention against allergic and respiratory problems caused by these agents. The use of this fabric is extremely safe. It is harmless to health and does not cause any type of skin dermal sensation.