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Soft Lumens

The Teralife pillow was created to produce a balance on your body during your sleep reducing neck pain and improving body posture reducing drastically problems with deviation in your back  .

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Health and Wellbeing

All the Teralife products are focused on improving your health and well beeing including Teralife´s pillow . Teralife´s pillows are basic and unique at the same time with it´s unique aim to improve your health day by day .

Measures / Height

It comes in different sizes and formats , all Teralife pillows are produced based on the cliente ergonomics and body size . All products are especifically made to create relaxation and to create a natural balance on your body .


Main Features

Teralife´s pillows are made especifically to create harmony and well beeing to all customers  and to create a natural balance ! For sure by buying on of Teralife pillows you are directly investing in your health .