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Health and Comfort

Gold Life is what is best in the sleep industry it combines Health and  Comfort together to produce the best night of sleep that you ever had!

Gold Life it´s a revolution in the sleep industry which it´s totally focused on improving you health and well beeing during your sleep hours.

Measure / Height

The product comes in different measuremnts and sizes totally focused on creating a natural balance to your body and improve blood flow during your night of sleep . The progressive density in the Teralife product are created due to the different layers of the product .


Main Features

  • 1 – Fabric treated with Ultra Fresh
  • 2 – Fire Resistent Layer
  • 3 – Silica Fiber
  • 4 – 240 Magnets Tablets
  • 5 – 378 Infralife Tablet with Antibac technology
  • 6 – 48 ILP tablets
  • 7 – High-Tech Vulcafoam
  • 8 – Super Resistant Polyurethane BTLD50
  • 9 – Super Resistant Polyurethane HRD50
  • 10 – Fire Resistent Layer
  • 11 – Fabric treated with Ultra Fresh


The best materials and our rigorous quality controls allows us to offer an exclusive 15-years warranty for manufacturing defects, and 3 years for the electronic system in products with vibromassage.

This reinforces the guarantee of your investment when you acquire a TERALIFE product.

Progressive Density

With Progressive Density, the structure of TERALIFE products keeps the body in a natural position, supporting all curver of the body and keeping the spine in the right position. Shoulders and hips stay in place, aiding rest and proper functioning of the nervous system. Is also helps decompress intervertebral discs and aids in correcting poor posture.

TERALIFE products are built with different intertwined layers, combining Vulcafoam, magnetic tablets, long-wave infrared tablets, ILP, chemically treated fabrics and orthipedc base. This combination of layers guarantees a perfect fit for the shape of the human body and helps to produce a restorative sleep, while giving the product a beautiful and durable appearance.