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The PowerPulse Bracelet is a revolution when talking about health care and sofistication ! It brings luxury and healthcare together to keep your body always balanced and in a constant harmony.


Health and Elegance

Teralife has master the way of mixing Health and Elegance on the same product and PowerPulse is the proof of it . With PowerPulse you have a product that will improve your health and on the same time it will add style to your daily life. 

Measure / Colors

The PowerPulse bracelets are the most inovative and sofisticated when talking about beauty and health care , PowerPulse comes in different measurements and colors so it can fit the exact size of your pulse , it will provide to you a better quality of life with a fantastic inovative look.



Main Features

It´s not just a Bracelet it´s a product that is focused on improving your health during the period that you are using it . It comes with diferent energies which will improve blood circulation and body balanced .